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Ignition Management is a London-based music management company run by partners Marcus Russell & Alec McKinlay.[1][2]

Ignition Management was formed in late 1983 by Marcus Russell, who at the time was manager of London based band Latin Quarter,[1] who became established in Scandinavia & West Germany before going on to score a UK Hit with the song Radio Africa in 1986.[3]

Ignition went on to manage Cambridge band The Bible,[4] before expanding to take on Johnny Marr,[5] The The[6] and Electronic[7] as the 90's approached. It was at this time that previous associate Alec Mckinlay returned from his native New Zealand to London to rejoin Ignition, and to later become a partner with Russell.[8]

In May 1993 Ignition took on what was to become their most well known and successful client: Oasis.[9]

The band fronted by the Gallagher brothers Noel & Liam, went on to sell over 60 million albums worldwide,[10] and become one of the world biggest touring bands, playing to a staggering total of 1.1 million on what turned out to be their final UK Tour in 2008/9.

Between 2000-2010 Ignition also managed North American clients Mercury Rev and Black Mountain, as well as New Zealand based Crowded House.[11][12][13]

Subsequent to Oasis splitting in 2009,[14] Ignition has continued to manage Noel Gallagher as their client,[15] overseeing the launch of his highly successful solo career, as well as founding the Ignition Records in 2012.


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