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Igor Smiljevic (born 4 October 1975 in Vienna, Austria) - also known as Igor Breakenback - is an Austrian actor, martial artist, stunt performer, stunt coordinator, director and film producer.

Film & television work[edit]

Breakenback began his television career on Austrian National Television at age 15.[citation needed] He moved to Hollywood when he was 19.

He has appeared as an actor in 22 films and television series; has been a stunt performer or coordinator for 16 productions; and has been involved in production, editing, directing, writing, sound and cinematogography.[1]

He was a stunt fighter in Alexander (uncredited), and did stunt work in Stealth, Ultraviolet, and Superman Returns. He was stunt coordinator for Waz (in which he was also the stunt double for Stellan Skarsgård), and for Outlaw (where he doubled for Danny Dyer.) Breakenback also had small acting parts in both films.

He founded Breakenback Films in 2005. The company has completed one film (in 2007) - Good Luck With That - in which Breakenback starred and also directed. The movie purports to include never-before-seen and never-before-attempted stunts.

Martial arts career[edit]

Breakenback's martial arts career began at the age of 10 at the jujutsu club Olympia; and at the age of 14, he also began training in Kickboxing and Gōjū-ryū Karate at the Octagon Gym - both in Vienna. At the age of 16, he began practicing Tae Kwon Do. With suich a busy training schedule, he began to concentrate on Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. In all, he spent ten years at Octogan training under Fritz "Der Dicke" Exenberger.

After practicing in over 100 dojos around the world, he joined AXIS Jiu Jitsu Academy (formerly known as the Gracie Japan Dojo) under Sensei Taka Watanabe.

After arriving in Australia in 2002, he practiced BJJ under Vincent Perry on the Gold Coast, and Paulo Guimaraes in Sydney. He also practiced Thai boxing under Krumsak Leg in preparation for his Vale Tudo fight in Sydney.

In 2003, judo practice became a big part his regime, under Warren Rosser and John Buckley at the University of New South Wales Judo Club. In 2004, Breakenback opened the Trilogy Academy in Sydney with Tux Akindoyeni (Australian Kickboxing and Kung Fu Champion.)

Since 1991, Breakenback has been teaching martial arts seminars around the world. His current belt rankings include:


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