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Igor Sibaldi (Milan, Italy, 15 June 1957), born from Russian mother and Italian father, is an Italian writer, scholar of theology and history of religion.


Sibaldi is the author of numerous works on the Scripture and shamanism. He regularly holds conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad about mythology, exegesis and depth psychology. He worked for a long time on angelology in Jewish tradition, equalizing it to an ancient form of psychology.

His favourite style is the essay-novel form. He has published, among the others, The Invisible Teachers (Mondadori) The forbidden fruit of knowledge (Frassinelli) The Ark of the new Masters (Frassinelli) The invisible world (Frassinelli) Book of Angels (Frassinelli) and new translations of Genesis (The Book of Creation, Frassinelli) and the Gospel of John (The Gospel's Secret Code, Sperling and Kupfer).[1]


Translations and essays on Russian literature[edit]