Ijuw District

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Ijuw is a district in the country Nauru, located in the north-east region of the island.

Location and features[edit]

Ijuw district shown within Nauru.

It borders district Anabar to the north and Anibare to the south. Ijuw is a part of Anabar Constituency.

Cape Ijuw is the northernmost point of Anibare Bay and the easternmost point of Nauru. Two former villages of Ijuw and Ganokoro are located in this district.


It covers an area of 1.1 km².


It has a population of 180, making Ijuw among the smallest of the least populated districts in the country.

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Coordinates: 0°31′9″S 166°57′24″E / 0.51917°S 166.95667°E / -0.51917; 166.95667