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This article is about indigenous people of Nigeria. For Ika people of Colombia, see Arhuaco people.
Total population
Edoid languages

The Ika people number around 240,000.[1]The Ika people are found in north west Delta State. They share borders linguistically in the west with the Edo speakers, in the north with the Ishan speakers, in the East with the Anioma language speakers and in the south with the Ukwuani speakers.[2]


Twelve clans and a metropolis make up the Ika community.

  1. Agbor clan,
  2. Owa clan,
  3. Abavo clan,
  4. Ute-Okpu clan,
  5. Ute-Ogbeje clan
  6. Umunede clan,
  7. Akumazi clan,
  8. Igbodo clan,
  9. Otolokpo clan,
  10. Mbiri clan,
  11. Idumuesah clan
  12. Orogodo/Boji-Boji[2]

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