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Ikon can mean:

  • An alternate spelling of icon
  • Ikon Asean, a recent singing competition between Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines
  • Ikon (band), an Australian dark wave group
  • Ikôn, a portable electronic device from Psion Teklogix
  • "The Ikon", or Ikon Gallery, a modern art gallery in Birmingham, England
  • Ikons, a box set featuring material recorded by American hard rock band Kiss
  • IKON Office Solutions, a document management company
  • The Ford Ikon, a sedan version of the Ford Fiesta automobile
  • Ikon the Verbal Hologram, former stage name of rapper Vinnie Paz
  • Zeiss Ikon, a German optics company
  • Ikon, a 1982 novel by Graham Masterton
  • Ikon FCL, the video sublabel of Factory Records

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