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For the botanist, see Ikuro Takahashi (botanist).
Ikuro Takahashi playing live

Ikuro Takahashi (高橋幾郎) is a Japanese drummer and percussionist. He has been a central member of many groups from the Tokyo psychedelic underground from the early eighties. Some of the groups he has played with include High Rise, Kousokuya, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Fushitsusha, Ché-SHIZU, Nagisa ni te, LSD March, Gu-N, and Akebonoizu. In recent years he has played under the name Anoyondekigoto, frequently a duo unit with his partner, the dancer Yoko Muronoi.


1st LP, w/ High Rise (PSF, 1984)

Kousokuya LP, w/ Kousokuya (Ray Night Music, 1991; CD reissue, PSF, 2003)

Maher Goes to Gothic Country LP, w/ Maher Shalal Hash Baz (Org, 1991)

untitled cassette, w/ Reiko A (NekoIsis, 1993)

Ray Night 1991-1992 Live CD, w/ Kousokuya (Forced Exposure, 1995)

On the love beach LP/CD, w/ Nagisa Ni Te (Org, 1995)

Gu-N CD, w/ Gu-N (Pataphysique, 1995)

Live Performance 1992/1994 CD, w/ Tamio Shiraishi (Pataphysique, 1996)

Return Visit to Rock Mass 3LP/3CD, w/ Maher Shalal Hash Baz (Org, 1996)

Live 1996 Suisho CD, w/ Che-SHIZU (PSF, 1997)

Of Dogstarman CD, w/ Fumio Kosakai (Pataphysique, 1997)

Taiyo no sekai CD, w/ Nagisa Ni Te (Org, 1997)

A little longer thus CD, w/ Fushitsusha (Tokuma, 1998)

The Wisdom Prepared CD, w/ Fushitsusha (Tokuma, 1998)

Withdrawe, this sable disclosure 'ere devot'd CD, w/ Fushitsusha (Les Disques Victo, 1998)

Aihiyo CD, w/ Aihiyo (Tokuma, 1998)

Glimmering Star LP, w/ Che-SHIZU (Aleutian Retto, 1999)

I saw it! that which before I could only sense 2CD, w/ Fushitsusha (Paratactile, 1998)

Live CD, w/ Aihiyo (PSF, 2000)

Totsuzen honno no gotoku LP, w/ LSD March (White Elephant, 2003)

Live Gyakuryu Kokuu CD, w/ Kosokuya (PSF, 2004)

Anoyo no dekigoto LP (Siwa, 2004)

Domori to sanshu CD (Siwa, 2005)

Kanashimino bishonen LP, w/ LSD March (HP Cycle, 2005)

Shindara jigoku LP, w/ LSD March (Siwa, 2005)

1975-1977 LP, w/ Seishokki (Siwa, 2005)


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