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Il-Kappara is a hamlet situated between San Ġwann, San Ġiljan and Gżira.

Kappara is mainly part of San Gwann, It has a population of 15,648 people.

The Kappara main church is the Bible Baptist Church.

Kappara also has view apartments. The owner of it is unknown.

Mostly people who live in Kappara go to these 3 schools that appear to be close-by:

Schools/Universities/Hospitals: Stella Maris College Antonio Bosio Secondary School Chiswick House School University of Malta Mater Dei Hospital

Zones in Kappara that appear to be close by: Ta' Giorni Ta' Mensija

Coordinates: 35°52′N 14°34′E / 35.867°N 14.567°E / 35.867; 14.567