il Resto del Carlino

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il Resto del Carlino
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Poligrafici Editoriale
Founded 21 March 1885
Political alignment Independent
Language Italian
Headquarters Bologna, Italy
Circulation 165,207 (2008)[1]

il Resto del Carlino is an Italian newspaper based in Bologna, and is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy.

History and profile[edit]

Its rather evocative name means "the change you get from a Carlino," the smallest part of the Papal baiocco, which was legal tender at the time, when a sheet of local news was given out in shops to make up for any change owing after buying a cigar.

As of 1988 the owner was Monti.[2] The 1988 circulation of the paper, based in Bologna, was 310,000 copies.[2]


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