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Il Sirente
Parent company Independent
Status Active
Founded 1998 (1998)
Founder Enrico Monier
Country of origin  Italy
Headquarters location Ripa di Fagnano Alto
Distribution Worldwide
Publication types Books
Imprints 70
Number of employees 6
Official website

Editrice il Sirente is an Italian book publisher with specialisms in Arabic fiction and comics, investigation, actuality and international law. .

The company was founded in 1998. The catalog, including works of nonfiction on topics mainly attributable to politics and international law, works of fiction and fantastic intertwined with the theme of marginality as detailed in the manifesto Pensieri dal carcere (Quelques messages personnels) by Pierre Clémenti. In his long catalog provides many Canadian authors such as Hubert Aquin, François Barcelo, Norman Nawrocki, Gaëtan Brulotte and Italian Giovanni Conso, Piero Fassino, Flavia Lattanzi, Umberto Leanza, Antonio Marchesi, Danilo Zolo, and Paolo Benvenuti. Among others, more recently, some Arab writers like Khaled Al Khamissi, Nawal al-Sa‘dawi and Magdy El Shafee of the series Altriarabi, and others like Steve LeVine in the series Inchieste.

Principal authors published[edit]



Diritto (1999)
Series devoted to essays on international law.
Fuori (2007)
Series open, graphically represented as a cyclical book: the front cover is the first page of the novel to give the reader a chance to plunge immediately into the story, until graphic image placed on the back cover, giving the reader a chance to continue reading, again from the beginning. The first issue comes out on November 3, 2007.
N. Italian title Original title and year Author Nationality Year in Italy
1 L'anarchico e il diavolo fanno cabaret (The Anarchist and the Devil Do Cabaret), 2002 Norman Nawrocki  Canada 2007
2 Pensieri dal carcere (Quelques messages personnels), 2001 Pierre Clémenti  France 2007
3 Agénor, Agénor, Agénor e Agénor (Agénor, Agénor, Agénor et Agénor), 1981 François Barcelo  Canada 2009
4 Doppia esposizione (L'emprise), 1978 Gaëtan Brulotte  Canada 2008
5 L'amore di Narciso e altri racconti (L’amore di Narciso e altri racconti, 2010) Eneida Topi  Albania 2010
6 L'invenzione della morte (L'invention de la mort), 1991 Hubert Aquin  Canada 2010
7 Prossimo episodio (Prochain épisode), 1965 Hubert Aquin  Canada 2011
8 Racconti cubisti (Racconti cubisti), 2011 Prikedelik  Italy 2011
Altriarabi (2008)
Series dedicated to the contemporary and unaligned voices of Arab world.[1] The first issue comes out on September 13, 2008.
N. Italian title Original title and year Author Nationality Year in Italy
1 Taxi. Le strade del Cairo si raccontano (Taxi. Hawadit al-mashawir), 2006 Khaled Al Khamissi  Egypt 2008
2 L'amore ai tempi del petrolio (Al-Hubb Fi Zaman Al-Naft: Riwayah), 2001 Nawal al-Sa‘dawi  Egypt 2009
3 Rogers e la Via del Drago divorato dal Sole (Rogers), 2007 Ahmed Nàgi  Egypt 2010
4 Metro (Metro), 2008 Magdy El Shafee  Egypt 2010
5 La danza dello scorpione (Sîrat al-'aqrab alladhî yatasabbabu 'araqan, 2008) Akram Musallam  Palestine 2011
6 Amalgam (Amalgam), 2009 Maya Zankoul  Lebanon 2011
7 Amalgam 2 (Amalgam Vol. 2), 2010 Maya Zankoul  Lebanon 2012
8 Il folle di Piazza della Libertà (Majnun sahat al-hurriyya), 2009 Hassan Blasim  Iraq 2012
9 Qui finisce la terra Suheir Abu Oksa Daoud, Raja' Bakriyyah, Ala Hlehel, Akram Musallam, Hisham Naffa', Bashir Shalash, Muhammad Ali Taha  Palestine 2012
10 L’autunno qui, è magico e immenso Golan haji  Syria 2013
Inchieste (2009)
Series dedicated to news reports.
N. Italian title Original title and year Author Nationality Year in Italy
1 Il petrolio e la gloria. La corsa al dominio e alle ricchezze della regione del Mar Caspio (The Oil and the Glory: The Pursuit of Empire and Fortune on the Caspian Sea), 2007 Steve LeVine  USA 2009
2 Il labirinto di Putin. Spie, omicidi e il cuore nero della nuova Russia (Putin's Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia), 2008 Steve LeVine  USA 2010
3 Ucraina terra di confine Massimiliano Di Pasquale  Italy 2012
Nuovi percorsi (2011)
Series devoted to topical subjects, published under license Creative Commons and available in version eBook on the web.
Comunità alternative (2011)
Ten works closed series devoted to post-colonial literature, where are explored forms of interpersonal relationship born of unconventional approaches to sexual identity, ethnicity, cultural and religious diversity, thus offering new ways of conception of social and human relations.[2]


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