Il nano e la strega

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Italian - 'Il Nano e la Strega'
English - 'King Dick'
Il nano e la Strega FilmPoster.jpeg
UK theatrical release poster.
Directed by Gibba
Written by Original version
Claudio Monti
Distributed by (Italy)
Running time Italy - 67 min
Country Italy
Language Italian, English

Il Nano e la Strega (Translation: The witch and the dwarf, English title: King Dick) is a 1973 Italian animated film.

Il Nano e la Strega depicts sexual imagery that is more comedic than erotic in tone.


The film was released in three forms in English, one version of the film was a direct dub of the Italian version, with a few quick cuts, this version was released in theatres and on VHS in the UK in the 80s, the second version was on the VHS 'Dirty Little Adult Cartoons: volume 2', with German subtitles, the dubbing was done in-house, most of which is improvised and doesn't match the mouth movements as well as the first dub, the third version was a 1987 porn VHS called Sheena in Wonderland, which featured the same version as Dirty adult cartoons, except with the female lead commenting on the film throughout, with scenes of the host having sex with other men throughout.

A German Language version exists under the title, 'Zi Zi Pan Pan'.


The film was unsuccessful when it first came out in cinemas, but gained a mild cult following in the UK after being released on video, as it was known as in the UK.


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