Ila, Trondheim

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Ila is an area of Trondheim, Norway in the western part of the city centre, Midtbyen, limited by the river Nidelva in the south, Skansen in the north and Steinberget, Bymarka and Ilsvikøra in the west. The area is mostly residential, with some industry and commerce.

The tram line Gråkallbanen runs through Ila and the area is served by the train station Skansen on the commuter train service Trønderbanen. A new highway, Nordre Avlastningsvei, will connect Ila via Brattøra to Lademoen, and will be completed in 2009.


The first settlement at Ila was in the second half of the 18th century. In the 19th century the area developed as the entertainment centre of Trondheim, with dance saloons, pubs and liquor store, and in 1826 it was the site for the first Constitution Day parade. During the late 19th century the area started being redeveloped to dense labour class housing, with a school openeing in 1877. The church Ilen Church was opened in 1889 and in 1893 a horsecar line, Ilalinjen, was built with Ila Station as the terminus and rebuilt to a tramway in 1901.


Coordinates: 63°25′45″N 10°22′9″E / 63.42917°N 10.36917°E / 63.42917; 10.36917