Ilak Island

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Ilak Island is located in Alaska
Ilak Island
Location in Alaska

Ilak Island (Aleut: Iilax̂[1]) is a small island in the eastern Delarof Islands, Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

Ilak island is only .99 miles (1.59 km) across. Its highest point is 190 feet (58 m).

Its name was recorded by Commodore Joseph Billings as "Illuk," and published by Lt. Sarichev (1826, map 3) of the Imperial Russian Navy, as "Illakh." The adopted form "Ilak" was published in the 1946 supplement to the 1944 Aleutian Coast Pilot (U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1946, p. 120).[2] Ilak Island figures prominently in Gore Vidal's novel, Williwaw, when an army transport ship takes refuge from a storm in its bay


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Coordinates: 51°28′40″N 178°17′14″W / 51.47778°N 178.28722°W / 51.47778; -178.28722