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Ildikó is a Hungarian feminine given name of Germanic origin. The modern German equivalent would be “Hildchen”, diminutive form of any feminine name composed with “Hilde-” or “-hild” (e.g. Kriemhild), meaning "Fighter", "Fierce Warrior".

People with the name[edit]

  • Gudrusn, a major figure in early Germanic literature


  • Ildico (more likely Hildegard; also known as Hildico, Hildiko or Ildiko), an Ostrogoth princess, was the last wife to Attila the Hun is likely the reason for the name in the Hungarian culture. However, in the 19th century the poet János Arany popularized it as Ildikó in his epic poem "Buda halála" ("Death of Buda"), until then the Germanic Hildegárd was a more common variant.