Îles de Los

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Îles de Los is located in Atlantic Ocean
Îles de Los
Îles de Los
Location of the Îles de Los in the Atlantic Ocean
Map of Îles de Los (Los Islands), Guinea

Îles de Los (English: Loose Islands) are an island group lying off Conakry in Guinea. There are three main islands: Tamara (Fortoba), Kassa and Roume, while Coraille, Blanche and Cabris are smaller islands to the south.

The islands have been inhabited for a long time. The British took possession of them, then handed them to France in 1904 in exchange for France relinquishing fishing rights in Newfoundland and Labrador. Roume is said to have inspired the novel Treasure Island, and was known for its role in slave trading, while Tamara was a prison.

The islands are best known for their beaches and forested interiors and are popular with tourists. Ferries sail to the Los from Conakry.


Coordinates: 9°28′37″N 13°47′08″W / 9.4769°N 13.7855°W / 9.4769; -13.7855