Ilhéu Laja Branca

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Ilhéu Laja Branca
Idjéu Laja Branka
Area: approximately 100 to 200 ha (0.1 to 0.2 km²)
Population: Uninhabited
Elevation: about 10 m
Length: approximately 400 m
Width: approximately 300 m
Location: Cape Verde, nearly 500 m north of the island of Maio near Galeão
Range: none
Type: stratovolcano

Ilhéu Laja Branca (Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Idjéu Laja Branka, São Vicente Crioulo: Ilhéu Laja Branka) is an islet located nearly 500 m north of the nearest shoreline of the island of Maio in Cape Verde. They are administratively a part of the municipality of Maio. The islet is of volcanic origin and was once connected with the rest of the island.


The islet contains mainly no vegetation. Its length is nearly 300 m and its width is nearly 400 m.


The islet can definitely be seen from the northeastern part of the island of Maio and its mountains, the islet can see nearby mountains and parts of the northern portions of the island, the rest of the area cannot see the island due to its flat landscape.

Nearest island[edit]

Coordinates: 15°18′47″N 23°08′12″W / 15.313°N 23.1367°W / 15.313; -23.1367