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Ilim River (Russian: Илим) is a river in Irkutsk Oblast in Russia, a right tributary of the Angara River. It flows north between and parallel to the Angara and Lena Rivers, and then swings west to join the Angara 40km south of Ust-Ilimsk.

The Ust-Ilimsk Dam on the Angara (downstream from the older, bigger, and better known Bratsk Dam), completed in the mid-1970s, not only backs up the Angara, but also the Ilim as far as Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky. The site of the old town of Ilimsk was flooded by the reservoir.

The length of the Ilim is 589 km. The area of its basin is 30,300 km². The river freezes up in late October and stays icebound until early May. Its main tributaries are the Kochenga, Tuba, and Chora Rivers.

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Coordinates: 57°39′40″N 102°34′49″E / 57.66111°N 102.58028°E / 57.66111; 102.58028