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Ilisia (Greek: Ιλίσια) is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece, named after the river Ilisos.

A building of Ilisia

A portion of the neighborhood, Ano Ilisia (Upper Ilisia), is in Zografou and is near the Theology, Philosophy and Scientific faculties of the University of Athens. The lower (western) part is also known as the "Hilton" neighborhood due to the proximity of the Athens Hilton hotel.

Ilisia is named after the Ilisos river, which rises near Kaisariani on the slopes of Mount Hymettus and which, although Athens' historic river, is barely noticeable except in heavy rain.

Notable people[edit]

Coordinates: 37°58′37″N 23°45′25″E / 37.977°N 23.757°E / 37.977; 23.757