Illegal Records

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Illegal Records
Founded 1977
Founder Miles Copeland III, Stewart Copeland, Paul Mulligan
Status defunct since 1988
Genre Alternative rock, punk rock
Country of origin United States

Illegal Records is a record label founded by Miles Copeland III with his younger brother Stewart Copeland and the manager of The Police, Paul Mulligan[1] in 1977. The label released The Police's debut single, Fall Out.[2]

Copeland went on to sign more artists and start several other indie sublabels including Deptford Fun City Records, Step-Forward Records and Total Noise Records. He also launched the foreign divisions, France & Netherlands, that released some of the same titles with different catalog numbers, and some exclusive titles as well.

In 1979, after Copeland started I.R.S. Records, Illegal became its distributor in UK & Europe. It continued its operations until 1988, when it merged its operations with I.R.S.

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