Illicium floridanum

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Illicium floridanum
Illicium floridanum1UGA.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
Order: Austrobaileyales
Family: Schisandraceae
Genus: Illicium
Species: I. floridanum
Binomial name
Illicium floridanum

Illicium floridanum (also known as purple anise, Florida anise, stink-bush, or star-anise) is an evergreen shrub native to the south-eastern United States especially Florida and Louisiana.[1]

It is a close relative of the Chinese star anise but it is toxic and not edible.

The flowers are a deep carmine red or maroon with narrow widely separated petals. The whole plant and especially the flowers have a fishy smell, hence the common names stink-bush, dead fish tree, or wet dog bush. The crushed foliage, however, has an aroma akin to lemon-lime or aniseed. This plant is highly toxic and not a substitute for Illicium verum.

Natural range

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