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Attorney General of Illinois
Seal of the Attorney General of Illinois.jpg
Seal of the Attorney General
Lisa Madigan 2011.jpg
Lisa Madigan

since January 13th, 2003
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Daniel Pope Cook
Formation December 3, 1818
Succession Second

The Illinois Attorney General is the highest legal officer of the state of Illinois in the United States. Originally an appointed office, it is now an office filled by election through universal suffrage. Based in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, the Attorney General is responsible for providing legal counsel for the various state agencies including the Governor of Illinois and Illinois General Assembly, and conducting all legal affairs pertaining to the state.

The office of the Illinois Attorney General was established on December 3, 1818 based on guidelines adopted by a state constitutional convention. The first person to fulfill the duties of the office was Daniel Pope Cook who only served eleven days, and was later elected to the United States Congress. The Illinois county of Cook was named in his honor.

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