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Department of Natural Resources
Department overview
Jurisdiction Illinois

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is a cabinet-level department of the state government of Illinois. It is headquartered in the state capital of Springfield. The IDNR operates the state parks and state recreation areas, enforces the fishing and game laws of Illinois, regulates Illinois coal mines, operates the Illinois State Museum system, and oversees scientific research into the soil, water, and mineral resources of the state.


The former Illinois Department of Conservation was reorganized into the Illinois Department of Natural Resources by executive order in 1995. The reorganization, codified into state law by Public Act 89-50, also added functions of the former Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources and the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals to the agglomerated agency [1]


As of 2009, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources was divided up into 16 offices and bureaus [2]

  • Administration
  • Architecture, Engineering and Grants
  • Compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity and Ethics
  • Director
  • Law Enforcement
  • Land Management
  • Legal Counsel
  • Legislation
  • Mines & Minerals
  • Public Events, Programs & Promotions
  • Public Services and Education
  • Realty & Environmental Planning
  • Resource Conservation
  • State Museums
  • Water Resources
  • State Surveys


As of fiscal year 2006, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources had a budget of $187.1 million [3] Its headquarters is located at 1 Natural Resources Way, Springfield, Illinois 62702, adjacent to the Illinois State Fairgrounds [4]


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