Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs

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Department of Veterans' Affairs
Seal of Illinois.svg
Great Seal of Illinois
Department overview
Jurisdiction Illinois
Headquarters Springfield, Illinois
Employees 1200
Annual budget $138,179,100[1]
Department executives Erica Jeffries, Director of Veterans' Affairs
Harry Sawyer, Acting Assistant Director

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA) is the department[2][3] of the Illinois state government that assists veterans and their families in navigating the system of federal state and local resources and benefits, provides long-term health care for eligible veterans, and helps veterans address education, mental health, housing, employment, and other challenges.[4]


IDVA is an Illinois executive agency, funded and administered under the auspices of the Governor, and operates independently of US Department of Veterans' Affairs (USDVA). While the USDVA provides the bulk of healthcare and financial benefits for the nation's veterans, IDVA provides critical augmenting programs and services for Illinois veterans. Additionally, IDVA's Veteran Services Officers are experts in both federal and state benefits and resources; they assist veterans in navigating and applying for USDVA and IDVA programs and benefits. IDVA is not a part of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA, or "the VA" as it's often termed). VA medical centers (Jesse Brown, Hines, etc.) and USDVA benefits (disability compensation, etc.) are administered and funded by the federal government. The IDVA team consists of more than 1,200 staff, many of whom are veteran.

  • Veteran Service Officers
  • Veterans' Home Staff
  • Central Office
  • Special programs, including Women Veterans, the Illinois Warrior Assistance Program, Veterans Cash Grants and others.
  • State-Approving Agency (SAA)
  • Grants/Records

In addition, IDVA serves as a liaison to the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs and other federal and Illinois State agencies that provide programs for veterans. The IDVA actively partners with others who help and empower veterans, including educational institutions, county officials, and employment service personnel.[4]


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