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For the American band, see The Illusion (band).
Origin London, England
Genres Progressive rock
Years active 1977–1979
Labels Island Records
Edsel Records
Brisk Production
Promised Land
Associated acts Renaissance
Past members Jane Relf
Jim McCarty
John Hawken
Louis Cennamo
John Knightsbridge
Eddie McNeill

Illusion were a British band formed in 1977. They released two albums, Out of the Mist and Illusion on Island Records. Their music was classically inspired, sophisticated, and polished. The band undertook a number of tour dates but found their style of music out of fashion with the rise of punk rock and disbanded.

Illusion were intended to be a reunion of the original line-up of Renaissance (whose second album was titled Illusion), but singer and guitarist Keith Relf died before the project was realised. Jim McCarty moved from drums to play acoustic guitar and share vocals with Jane Relf, while Eddie McNeill replaced him on drums and John Knightsbridge took Keith Relf's place as guitarist following his death.

In 2001 the four core members issued Through The Fire, an album of new material under the name Renaissance Illusion, but did not play any concerts in support of the album.



Out of the Mist (1977)[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Isadora"   J. McCarty 6:56
2. "Roads To Freedom"   J. McCarty, J. Hawken 3:53
3. "Beautiful Country"   J. McCarty, J. Hawken 4:21
4. "Solo Flight"   J. McCarty, J. Hawken 4:23
5. "Everywhere You Go"   J. McCarty 3:18
6. "Face of Yesterday[1]"   J. McCarty 5:45
7. "Candles are Burning"   J. McCarty 7:10
Total length:


Illusion (1978)[edit]

Illusion - Same.jpg
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Madonna Blue"   J. McCarty 6:46
2. "Never Be The Same"   J. McCarty 3:18
3. "Louis' Theme"   L. Cennamo, J. Relf 7:41
4. "Wings Across The Sea"   J. McCarty 4:49
5. "Cruising Nowhere"   J. McCarty 5:01
6. "Man Of Miracles"   K. Relf,[2] J. McCarty, J. Hawken 3:27
7. "The Revolutionary"   J. McCarty, J. Hawken 6:15
Total length:


  • Jim McCarty - vocal, acoustic guitar, percussion
  • Jane Relf - vocal
  • John Hawken - piano, synthesizers, mellotron, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, harpsichord
  • Louis Cennamo - bass guitar
  • John Knightsbridge - electric and acoustic guitar
  • Eddie McNeil - drums, percussion

Enchanted Caress (1979)[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Nights in Paris"   J. McCarty  
2. "Walking Space"   J. McCarty  
3. "The Man Who Loved the Trees"   J. McCarty  
4. "Getting Into Love Again"   J. McCarty  
5. "As Long as We're Together"   J. McCarty  
6. "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"   R. Rodgers  
7. "Living Above Your Head"   J. McCarty  
8. "Crossed Lines"   J. McCarty  
9. "You Are The One"   J. McCarty  
10. "All The Falling Angels"   K. Relf  

  • Recorded in 1979 but was released as an album in 1990. Contains demos for a planned third album, including a 1976 Keith Relf demo and a John Knightsbridge solo instrumental.
  • Slaughter on Tenth Avenue features John Knightsbridge on guitar, Chas Cronk on bass and Tony Fernandez on drums.
  • All The Falling Angels features Keith Relf on vocals and Louis Cennamo on bass.

Through The Fire (2001)[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "One More Turn of the Wheel"   J. McCarty  
2. "Good Heart"   J. McCarty  
3. "Glorious One"   J. McCarty  
4. "Through the Fire"   J. McCarty  
5. "Blowing Away"   J. McCarty  
6. "Mystery of Being"   J. McCarty  
7. "Beat of the Earth"   J. McCarty  
8. "Beyond the Day"   J. McCarty  
9. "My Old Friend"   J. McCarty  
10. "Through the Fire (reprise)"   J. McCarty  



  1. ^ remake of a song from Renaissance's ILLUSION album (1971)
  2. ^ posthumously uses lyrics written by Keith Relf

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