Illustrated Life Rhodesia

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Illustrated Life Rhodesia
Editor Heidi Hull
Categories History, news, tabloid
Frequency Fortnightly
First issue 1968
Company Graham Publishing Company
Country Rhodesia
Based in Salisbury

Illustrated Life Rhodesia was a fortnightly picture magazine published in Salisbury, Rhodesia, by the Graham Publishing Company, from at least 1968[1] to at least 1978.[2] Aimed at the white Rhodesian populace, it carried illustrated articles on Rhodesian history as well as on current affairs and prominent local personalities.[3][4][5][6] It was viewed as liberal by some because, under the editorship of Heidi Hull,[7][8] it was often critical of the Ian Smith government;[9] nevertheless, it published a favourable report on the 'protected villages' scheme introduced by the government.[10]


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