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Illustration Magazine [1] is a full-color quarterly periodical first published in October 2001 by The Illustrated Press, Inc. Edited, published, and designed by founder Daniel Zimmer, each issue features biographical articles on notable American (and some international) illustrators from the Golden Age of illustration (1860 to 1950.) 22 issues have been produced as of April 2008, and some of the many illustrators featured in previous issues include: Haddon H. Sundblom, James Avati, Norman Saunders, Perry Peterson, Eugene Iverd, Robert Maguire, Sam Savitt, Stanley Meltzoff, James Dwyer, Frank Frazetta, Roy G. Krenkel, Robert Peak, Reynold Brown, William George, Enoch Bolles, Rafael DeSoto, Robert Bonfils, Robert G. Harris, Harry Anderson, John R. Neill, Bernie Fuchs, W.T. Benda, James Bama, Allen Anderson, Jack Potter, Louis Glanzman, Andrew Loomis, Gustaf Tenggren, Frederick Blakeslee, and more.

According to Charley Parker on the blog lines and colors [2], "To say the articles in Illustration are “lavishly illustrated” is to belabor the obvious. Worth noting, though, is that the quality of the images and production values of the magazine in general are outstanding." "[1]

John B. Dwyer, writing on AmericanThinker [3], says, "This beautifully produced and lovingly edited periodical is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. While editor, publisher and designer Daniel Zimmer presents some articles about the celebrated icons of that era, such as Frank Schoonover and Haddon Sundblom (creator, Coca—Cola Santa), most issues are devoted to less well—known but equally talented artists such as Robert Fawcett, Frank Frazetta and Reynold Brown." "[2]


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