Iloilo Schools Sports Association

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Iloilo Schools Sports Association 2007 Season
Abbreviation ISSA
Legal status
Headquarters Iloilo City
Region served
Main organ
Board of Trustees

The Iloilo Schools Sports Association 2007 (High-school) is an academic-based sports association of the universities and colleges in Iloilo City, Philippines. In 2007 Season, it has 11 member schools. ISSA is one of the associations affiliated with the Iloilo sports council and Dep-ed for Basketball.[1][2]

Member schools[edit]

School (Group A) Nickname
Iloilo Central Commercial High School Baby dragons
University of Iloilo Wildcats
Sun Yat Sen Tiongsan
University of San Agustin Golden Eagles
Central Philippine University Golden Lions
St. Joseph School Templars

School (Group B) Nickname
John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University Dolphins
Bethany Christian Life Academy Bethans
De Paul College Paulinians
Holy Rosary Academy Rosarians
Colegio de San Jose Josephians
West Visayas State University Eagles

Eliminations standing[edit]

Standing (Group A) W L
ICCHS Baby Dragons 5 0
SYS Tiongsan 4 1
UI Wilcats 3 2
SJS Templars 2 3
USA Golden Eagles 2 3
CPU Golden Lions 1 4

Top 4 Advances to Semis

School (Group B) W L
BCLA Bethans 4 1
JBLFMU Dolphins 4 1
CSJ Josephians 3 2
DPC Paulinians 3 2
HRA Rosarians 2 3
WVSU Eagles 0 5

Top 4 Advances to Semis

Semifinals round(Knockout)[edit]

Group A
#1 ICCHS baby Dragons W
#4 SJS Templars L
----- ----- -----
#2 SYS Tiongsan W
#3 UI Wildcats L
Group B
#1 BCLA Bethans W
#4 DPC Paulinians L
----- ----- -----
#2 JBLFMU Dolphins W
#3 CSJ Josephians L

Venue:CPU Gymnasium,Jaro Iloilo City

Finals Game(Best-of-3)[edit]

Group A
ICCHS Baby Dragons 2
SYS Tiongsan 0
Group B
BCLA Bethans 1
JBLFMU Dolphins 2