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Ilona Andrews is the pen name used by urban fantasy novelist Ilona Gordon with her spouse Andrew Gordon.[1]

Early lives[edit]

Ilona was born in Russia and came to the United States as a teenager. She attended Western Carolina University, where she majored in biochemistry and met her husband Andrew.


Andrew helped Ilona write and submit her first novel, Magic Bites.[citation needed] Its sequel, Magic Burns, reached #32 on the New York Times extended bestseller list in April 2008.[2]

Personal lives[edit]

The Gordons live Texas.[3] They have two daughters.


Kate Daniels Series[edit]

  • "A Questionable Client" short story, Kate POV (published in the Dark and Stormy Knights anthology, Ace Books, July 2010, and the Magic Graves anthology, Kindle ebook, September 2011)
  • Magic Bites novel, Kate POV, book 1 (Ace Books, March 2007)
  • Magic Burns novel, Kate POV, book 2 (Ace Books, April 2008)
  • Magic Strikes novel, Kate POV, book 3 (Ace Books, March 2009)
  • "Magic Mourns" novella, Andrea POV (published in the Must Love Hellhounds anthology, Ace Books, September 2009)
  • Magic Bleeds novel, Kate POV, book 4, (Ace Books, June 2010)
  • "Magic Dreams" novella, Jim and Dali POV, book 1 (published in the Hexed anthology, Berkley, July 2011)
  • Magic Slays novel, Kate POV, book 5 (Ace Books, May 2011)
  • "Magic Gifts" short story, Kate POV (published as a free ebook on the author's website during Christmas 2011, and included within Gunmetal Magic)
  • Gunmetal Magic novel, Andrea POV, book 1 (Ace Books, July 2012)
  • "Magic Tests" short story, Julie POV (published in the An Apple for the Creature anthology, Ace Books, August 2012, and included within Magic Breaks)
  • Magic Rises novel, Kate POV, book 6 (Ace Books, July 2013)
  • Magic Breaks novel, Kate POV, book 7 (Ace Books, July 2014)
  • "Magic Steals" novella, Jim and Dali POV, book 2 (published in the Night Shift anthology, Ace Books, November 25, 2014) [4]
  • Magic Shifts novel, Kate POV, book 8 (Ace Books, July 2015)

The Edge Series[edit]

  1. On the Edge (Ace Books, September 2009)
  2. Bayou Moon (Ace Books, September 2010)
  3. Fate's Edge (Ace Books, November 2011)
  4. Steel's Edge (Ace Books, December 2012)

The Kinsmen Series[edit]

  1. Silent Blade (eBook, Samhain Publishing, June 2009)
  2. Silver Shark (eBook, Samhain Publishing, April 2011)

Innkeeper Series[edit]

  1. Clean Sweep (December 2013)
  2. Sweep in Peace

Hidden Legacy Series[edit]

  1. Burn for me (Avon Romance, October 2014)

Short Stories[edit]

  • "Grace of Small Magics" (published in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance anthology, March 2009 and Under Her Skin)
  • "Of Swine and Roses" March 2011
  • "Alphas: Origins" (published in Angels of Darkness anthology, October 2011)[5]
  • "Questing Beast"
  • "A Mere Formality"


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