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Ilona Andrews is the pen name used by urban fantasy novelist Ilona Gordon with her spouse Andrew Gordon.[1]

Ilona was born in Russia and came to the United States as a teenager. She attended Western Carolina University, where she majored in biochemistry and met her husband Andrew, who helped her write and submit her first novel, Magic Bites. Its sequel, Magic Burns, reached #32 on the New York Times extended bestseller list in April 2008. Ilona and Andrew currently living in Texas and are #1 New York Times Bestselling Authors as of Magic Rises.

Kate Daniels Series[edit]

  • "A Questionable Client" short story (published in the Dark and Stormy Knights anthology, Ace Books, July 2010, and the Magic Graves anthology, Kindle ebook, September 2011)
  • Magic Bites novel, Kate POV, book 1 (Ace Books, March 2007)
  • Magic Burns novel, Kate POV, book 2 (Ace Books, April 2008)
  • Magic Strikes novel, Kate POV, book 3 (Ace Books, March 2009)
  • "Magic Mourns" novella (published in the Must Love Hellhounds anthology, Ace Books, September 2009)
  • Magic Bleeds novel, Kate POV, book 4, (Ace Books, June 2010)
  • "Magic Dreams" short story (published in the Hexed anthology, Berkley, July 2011)
  • Magic Slays novel, Kate POV, book 5 (Ace Books, May 2011)
  • "Magic Gifts" short story (published as a free ebook on the author's website during Christmas 2011, and included within Gunmetal Magic)
  • Gunmetal Magic novel, Andrea POV, book 1 (Ace Books, July 2012)
  • "Magic Tests" short story (published in the An Apple for the Creature anthology, Ace Books, August 2012)
  • Magic Rises novel, Kate POV, book 6 (Ace Books, July 2013)
  • Magic Breaks novel, Kate POV, book 7 (Ace Books, July 2014)

The Edge Series[edit]

  • On the Edge Ace Books, September 2009
  • Bayou Moon Ace Books, September 2010
  • Fate's Edge Ace Books, November 2011
  • Steel's Edge Ace Books, December 2012

The Kinsmen Series[edit]

  • Silent Blade (The Kinsmen series, eBook 1), Samhain Publishing, June 2009
  • Silver Shark (The Kinsmen series, eBook 2), Samhain Publishing, April 2011

Innkeeper Series[edit]

  • Clean Sweep December 2013
  • Sweep in Peace Sequel to Clean Sweep

Short Stories[edit]

  • "Grace of Small Magics" (published in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance anthology, March 2009 and Under Her Skin)
  • "Of Swine and Roses" March 2011
  • "Alphas: Origins" (published in Angels of Darkness anthology, October 2011)[2]
  • "Questing Beast"
  • "A Mere Formality"


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