Ilots du Mouillage

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Illots du Mouillage
Archipelago Loyalty Islands
Overseas collectivity New Caledonia

(Les Trois) Ilots du Mouillage is an island in New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France.[1]


They are a group of small cays also known as "Les 3 Ilots du Mouillage". Also, they are situated behind the East Barrier Reef, which encompasses the Chesterfield Reef system. The cays are located along the eastern edge of the lagoon just at the rearside of the barrier reef. This is where the reefs and cays provide the boat with protection from the strong waves of the Pacific. The eastern portion of the lagoon is guarded by a row of low rocks, while a sandbar protects the western portion.[2]

Coordinates: 19°53′S 158°28′E / 19.89°S 158.47°E / -19.89; 158.47


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