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Ilse DeLange
Ilse de Lange BFO 2011.jpg
Ilse DeLange in 2011
Background information
Birth name Ilse Annoeska de Lange
Also known as Ilse DeLange
Born (1977-05-13) May 13, 1977 (age 37)
Almelo, Netherlands
Genres Country, pop, pop rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 1998–present
Labels Warner (1998–2003)
Universal (2006–present)
Associated acts The Common Linnets
Website Official website

Ilse Annoeska de Lange (born 13 May 1977) is a Dutch country and pop singer, better known as Ilse DeLange (English spelling).[1] As a member of The Common Linnets (together with singer Waylon), she finished second at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.


Ilse Annoeska de Lange was born on May 13, 1977 in Almelo, Netherlands. She started her career at the age of 8 as a lip-synching artist, which won her several contests. De Lange drew greater attention after switching to a live repertoire in both regional and national talent shows in Hilversum (the Dutch city where most TV-programs are recorded). This helped her book some live-performances on national television. She formed a duo with guitarist Joop van Liefland, who introduced her to country music.

In 1994 Ilse performed at the Dutch Country Music Awards. Despite positive reviews, nothing happened with her career. She did get in touch with representatives of Warner Music but it took several years of negotiation before Warner Music decided to offer Ilse a contract. In 1996 DeLange joined the popgroup Wij where the group released the single "De Oorlog Meegemaakt" ("Experienced The War"). However the single did not chart the Dutch Top 40.

1998: World Of Hurt[edit]

In 1998 while a member of the group Cash On Delivery, she traveled to Nashville, U.S. to record her debut album World Of Hurt with top producer Barry Beckett. She became well known in the Netherlands because her album was recorded in the capital of country music. Her album received big success in her home country, selling 450,000 copies in total. In the Netherlands, Ilse received a TMF Award and an Edison Award for her musical success in 1999. Unfortunately World of Hurt was not released in the States, despite some interest due to guest vocals from Vince Gill, and Ilse's cover of Beth Nielsen Chapman's song "World of Hurt", and Patty Larkin's song "Lonely Too".

1999: Dear John[edit]

In 1999 Ilse released a live album called: Dear John. Dear John was a limited edition release, on which Ilse covered songs by singer/songwriter John Hiatt as a tribute. She went on a mini-tour in support of the album, which lasted several months during 1999. The album went platinum in the Netherlands (with sales of 80,000 copies).

2000: Livin' on Love[edit]

Rumors of a new album were heard in mid 2000. The first single "Livin' on Love" (written by Craig Fuller and Gary Nicholson) was released in October. November saw the release of her sophomore studio album Livin' on Love, which was a musical departure from her debut, leaning more toward pop/rock. The country music scene was not as excited by this album. Although there was a good amount of promotion for the album, it could not compete with the success of World of Hurt, hitting its peak at #5. Livin' on Love still went platinum though.

With this album, Ilse gained even more State-side interest (although not released in the States) due to her covers of 2 songs by popular American singer/songwriters Buddy and Julie Miller (I Still Cry and Ride the Wind to Me), and other songs written by Patty Larkin, Jude Cole and Wayne Kirkpatrick. Alison Krauss also provided guest vocals.

In 2001 DeLange started her Livin' on Love Tour, performing in many theaters and concert halls throughout her home country. Meanwhile, Warner Music attempted to promote this release as her "breakthrough" release in the United States. Although "World Of Hurt" was planned to be released in the States, the record labels in America thought the album was too old-fashioned to be released. Ilse set her hopes on the release of "Livin' on Love", but once again the album was not released for unknown reasons. There were rumours that the American label did not like the sound of the album. Due to the trouble she had in America, DeLange decided to break all cords with the States, and focus more on her career in the Benelux region.

She won an Edison Award for best Dutch artist in 2000. Due to all the business problems the singer became physically exhausted. During a performance in Paradiso (Amsterdam), Ilse experienced vocal problems, and emotionally told the fans in the hall that she could not continue the performance. On doctors advice she took a few weeks rest. Several months later she performed at Parkpop.

"Livin' on Love" has also been recorded by Deborah Coleman (2001 album title track) and Ronnie Milsap (released 2000 on 40 Number 1 Hits), and also by Tracy Nelson, Jim Quick, Kelly Richie, Wayne Toups, Lisa Angelle, John Berry, T. Graham Brown and Shemekia Copeland.[2]

2003: Clean Up[edit]

Ilse DeLange at the Zwarte Cross Festival 2011

In March 2002 DeLange and her partner Bart Vergoossen, who is the drummer of her live band, went to America for 9 months to work on a new album. During the recording sessions DeLange took a greater creative role in her music, including receiving song-writing credit for the entire album. In April 2003 she released Clean Up, her third studio album. This album continued with the pop/rock sound she experimented with on Livin' on Love. Her songwriting on Clean Up was autobiographical. Ilse was satisfied with the results and despite the new sound, the album became a big success.

During this time DeLange donated a contribution to the charity foundation War Child. Together with Trijntje Oosterhuis and Jacqueline Govaert she performed "Because" during a "Friends of Warchild" concert.

In October Ilse released a compilation album called: Here I Am – 1998/2003. The album went Platinum and contained DeLange's best work in a single release.

2004–2007: Search for a new record company and The Great Escape[edit]

At the beginning of 2004, the Dutch section of record company Warner Music was disbanded and Ilse lost her contract.[3] A few months later, she collaborated on the song Blue with Italian singer Zucchero. The song was a moderate success in the Netherlands, reaching #23 in the Dutch Top 40. There was no information about a new record deal, but Ilse stated that she was working on her future.

In the end of 2005 she went on tour, without releasing a new album or even having a record company. Every concert sold out. She began working with producer Patrick Leonard on a new album, which stirred up the fire that she signed a new record deal. Later that year, it was confirmed Ilse signed a new contract with Universal Music.[4]

Her first release on the new label was the single The Great Escape, peaking at #11 in the Dutch Top 40. Her fourth studio album The Great Escape, was released on June 16, 2006. It went gold only a week after its release and platinum two months later. In September the second single The Lonely One was released, which peaked at #18. Third single, I Love You, was released in February 2007 and peaked at #23. The song was included on the soundtrack for the Dutch movie adaptation of Steel Magnolias. Then the song Reach For The Light was released as a promo-only single, nevertheless it charted at #51. In October 2007 she released a live album, simply called Live.

Ilse DeLange at Parkpop in 2006

2008–2010: Incredible and Next To Me EP[edit]

In 2008 Ilse stated she was writing and recording a new album in Swedish city Gothenburg.[5] Before that, she went to England to work with the same songwriters which were working on the debut album of James Morrison. The first single of her forthcoming album was So Incredible, which peaked at #6. The album Incredible was released at October 17, 2008 and went platinum in less than a month. Next single Miracle came to be her biggest hit to date, reaching the top spot of the Dutch Top 40. It was written as the title track for the Dutch movie Bride Flight. Third single Puzzle Me peaked at #5 and radio-only release We're Alright peaked at #21, in spite of it not being released as a single.

After releasing another live album, Ilse went on and started working on new material. The single Next To Me was released in July, 2010 and reached a #9-spot. Her first EP Next To Me, was released at August 27, 2010. The album only included eight tracks, Ilse explaining that "...she wanted to release new material more often, but due to a heavy touring schedule and contractual obligations didn't have the time to record a whole album".[6] Second single Beautiful Distraction charted at #18 and third single Carousel peaked at #32. In early 2011, Next To Me has been certified 2x Platinum.

2011–present: Shelved album DoLuv2LuvU, Eye Of The Hurricane and The Voice of Holland[edit]

In November 2011 DeLange released her new single DoLuv2LuvU. The song was the theme song of Serious Request 2011, a big charity-event held yearly by Dutch radio station 3FM. While promoting the single, DeLane heard her father was incurably ill. She immediately stopped all kinds of promotion and postponed the recording process of her new album DoLuv2LuvU. A day after her father's death, at January 10, 2012, she posted an acoustic version of her song Without You on Twitter, which featured on her 2007 live album. Later that year, Ilse revealed that the DoLuv2LuvU-album was shelved and she started recording a new album. This is because she didn't feel the flow of the album anymore after her father had died.[7] She doesn't rule out the possibility it's going to be released in the future. Her seventh album Eye Of The Hurricane, was released September 14, 2012. The single DoLuv2LuvU isn't on the album. In 2013, DeLange replaced Nick & Simon as a coach on The Voice of Holland for its fourth season alongside Marco Borsato, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Ali B (who replaced Roel van Velzen).

DeLange represented the Netherlands, with singer Waylon as The Common Linnets, during the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They took second place after the winner Conchita Wurst from Austria. She returned to The Voice of Holland as a coach for its fifth season in August. On January 15, 2015, it was announced that DeLange would be replaced as a coach for the sixth season of The Voice of Holland by Miss Montreal.[8]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
1998 World of Hurt 1 17 5x Platinum
2000 Livin' on Love 5 36 Platinum
2003 Clean Up 1 31 Gold
2006 The Great Escape 1 59 2x Platinum
2008 Incredible 1 35 5x Platinum
2010 Next to Me 1 46 2x Platinum
2012 Eye of the Hurricane 1 101 Platinum

Live albums[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
1999 Dear John 3 20 Platinum
2007 Live 4 - Gold
2009 Live in Ahoy 1 - -
2011 Live in Gelredome 1 - -
2012 Live in Gelredome, the second - - -

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
2003 Here I Am 5 - Gold
2013 After The Hurricane - Greatest Hits & More 2 - Platinum


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
Top 40
Top 100

1998 "I'm Not So Tough" 35 35 World of Hurt
"World of Hurt" - 58
"I'd Be Yours" - 52
1999 "When We Don't Talk" - 76
2000 "Livin' on Love" 37 44 Livin' on Love
2001 "I Still Cry" - 70
2002 "Shine" (with Rosemary's Sons) 34 33 -
2003 "No Reason To Be Shy" - 61 Clean Up
"Before You Let Me Go" (with Kane) 4 3 -
"Wouldn't That Be Something" - 87 Here I Am
2004 "All The Answers" - 65
2005 "Blue" (with Zucchero) 23 10 Zu&Co (Dutch Edition)
2006 "The Great Escape" 11 11 The Great Escape
"The Lonely One" 18 12
2007 "I Love You" 26 35
"Reach for the Light" - -
2008 "So Incredible" 6 1 Incredible
2009 "Miracle" 1 2
"Puzzle Me" 5 9
"We're Alright" 21 -
2010 "Next to Me" 9 4 Next to Me
"High Places" (with Kane) 13 12
"Beautiful Distraction" 18 43
2011 "Carousel" 32 -
2011 "DoLuv2LuvU" 14 7 non-album single
2012 "Without You (Acoustic)" - 92 Eye of the Hurricane
"Hurricane" 23 7
"Winter of Love" 20 13
2013 "We Are One" 33 32
"Blue Bittersweet" 8 16 -


Year Category Genre Recording
TMF Awards
1999 Best New Artist General N/A
2006 Best Album Pop The Great Escape
Edison Awards
1998 Best Female Singer Pop World of Hurt
2001 Best Artist of The Year Pop Livin' on Love
2001 Best Female Singer Pop
2004 Best Female Singer Pop Clean Up
2009 Best Female Singer Pop Incredible
3FM Awards
2009 Best Song Pop Incredible
2009 Best Album Pop
2009 Best Female Singer Pop
2010 Best Artist Pop
2013 Best Female Singer Pop


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