Imaginationland Episode III

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"Imaginationland Episode III"
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 11
Episode 12
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 1112
Original air date October 31, 2007
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Imaginationland Episode II"
Next →
"Guitar Queer-O"
South Park (season 11)
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"Imaginationland Episode III", or "Moistening of the Scrotum" (as it appears on DVD), is episode 1112 (#165) of Comedy Central's animated TV series South Park. It originally aired on October 31, 2007.[1] It is the concluding episode in a three-part story arc that won the 2008 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program for One Hour or More. The three episodes were later reissued together, along with previously unreleased footage, as the uncensored Imaginationland: The Movie. This is the third episode to be rated TV-MA LV.


As an army of evil imaginary creatures marches towards the castle, Aslan, Gandalf and Luke Skywalker inform Butters that, as a real person, he has the ability to manifest things in Imaginationland by using his imagination. He prompts Butters to imagine the thing most prominent in his mind, hoping to get Santa. However Butters at first visualizes his father, who materializes as a dreadful demonic grounding-monster.

In the real world, Kyle wakes up in Washington, D.C. Memorial Hospital, where Cartman is undergoing preparations in anticipation of Kyle sucking his balls, setting up a photo-shoot, preparing an ice-cream-sundae and this time dressing as the pope. Kyle somehow establishes a telepathic link in Imaginationland with Stan, who says he can hear a trumpet and that "something really big is about to go down..."

The trumpet, it turns out, heralds the arrival of the evil imaginary army. The good army, led by Jesus, marvels at how greatly outnumbered they are. The two sides clash in a bloody battle, and initially, the good characters seem doomed. However, Butters finally manages to gain control of his imagination, and is able to summon appropriate backup and weaponry for the defending good guys that begins to turn the tide. The Pentagon is forced to admit the events about Imaginationland and their plan to nuke it, because Al Gore (who has his Nobel Peace Prize medal hanging around his neck) has leaked a video about ManBearPig (having taped ManBearPig's rampage in the previous episode). To proceed, the Supreme Court overturns the "Cartman vs. Broflovski decision" that imaginary creatures are real – imaginary creatures are declared not really real, so the government can bomb Imaginationland. Kyle is no longer legally required to suck Cartman's balls, and he is instructed by Stan to stall the launch.

Kyle leaves the hospital, with a raging Cartman following closely behind. Kyle is initially turned down by security, but receives encouragement from Stan and several imaginary characters, including Jesus, Superman and Luke Skywalker. Cartman breaks into the Pentagon again, and tries to manipulate the scientists into admitting that Imaginationland is real, for the sole purpose of winning his bet. He is quickly followed by Kyle, who finally agrees with him and convinces the officials to not bomb Imaginationland by arguing that imaginary creatures are just as real as real people because of the impact they have on people's lives. Cartman responds by telling Kyle that since imaginary creatures are real after all, then he loses their bet, and still has to suck Cartman's balls. Kyle finally snaps and berates Cartman for not caring about the danger Stan and Butters are in just because of a stupid bet and that he doesn't care who won, because Kyle would rather go to jail than humiliate himself by sucking Cartman's balls. Suddenly, Al Gore barges into the room, asking why the bomb hasn't been launched yet. When he finds out that the launch sequence has been aborted, he says "ManBearPig has to die", he then mashes at the portal's control panel to try and launch the bomb himself, which causes the portal to destabilize and suck everyone in the room, as well as the nuclear missile, into Imaginationland.

The good characters' victory is interrupted by the bomb's explosion, destroying everything and everyone, including the people from the real world and leaving nothing but a vast white emptiness. Butters, on the other hand, somehow survives the explosion and restores the realm with his imagination, back to how it was before the initial terrorist attack. He even manages to bring back Kyle, Stan and Cartman. Everyone is alive again, the evil imaginary characters are imprisoned once again, and everyone cheers for Butters for saving the day. Cartman acknowledges Butters for using his imagination to restore everything, then realizing the power of the realm, smugly creates duplicates of himself and Kyle, in which imaginary Kyle sucks imaginary Cartman's balls (off-screen). Kyle angrily states the scene is imaginary, to which Cartman insists that, in one's imagination, imaginary creatures are "real", as Kyle himself said earlier. The Mayor agrees that at least here in Imaginationland, it is real. Santa then states that it's time for the boys to go home.

Butters suddenly wakes up in the real world, in his bedroom. His parents come in, and he tells them about the dream he just had. They inform Butters that it wasn't a dream, as they read about it in a newspaper, but they proceed to ground him anyway for not coming back from Imaginationland in time to clear out the basement. Distraught by this, Butters tries to use his powers to get out of being grounded, but is told by his parents that his powers only work in Imaginationland, and not in the real world. Disappointed, Butters lies back in bed and ends the episode with a low, unhappy and uncensored mutter of "Aw, shit".


Shortly after "Imaginationland" was originally broadcast, the site also featured T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts based on the episode. It featured Butters in a floating bubble, asking "Do I have to be the key?"[2]


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