Imbabura Province

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This article is about the Imbabura province. For the Imbabura volcano, see Imbabura Volcano.
Province of Imbabura
Mount Imbabura from south-east.
Mount Imbabura from south-east.
Flag of Imbabura
Official seal of Imbabura
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Cantons of Imbabura Province
Cantons of Imbabura Province
Country  Ecuador
Capital Ibarra
 • Provincial Prefect Diego García
 • Total 4,587.51 km2 (1,771.25 sq mi)
Population (2010 census)
 • Total 398,244
 • Density 87/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zone ECT
Vehicle registration I

Imbabura is a province in Ecuador. The capital is Ibarra. The people of the province speak Spanish and the Imbaburan Quechua language.

Imbabura Volcano is located in the province. Best reached from the town of La Esperanza, the 4,609-meter-high mountain can be climbed in a single day.


The province is divided into six cantons. The following table lists each with its population at the 2001 census, its area in square kilometres (km²), and the name of the cantonal seat or capital.[1]

Canton Pop. (2001) Area (km²) Seat/Capital
Antonio Ante 36,053 81 Atuntaqui
Cotacachi 37,215 1,726 Cotacachi
Ibarra 153,256 1,093 Ibarra
Otavalo 90,188 500 Otavalo
Pimampiro 12,951 437 Pimampiro
San Miguel de Urcuquí 14,381 779 Urcuquí


Ethnic groups as of the Ecuadorian census of 2010:[2]

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Imbabura Volcano photographed in black and white.

Otavalo Indigenous Market: Otavalo is a small city of about 50,000 inhabitants. It lies at 8,300 ft (2,500 m) above sea level in a spring-like valley, situated between the Imbabura volcano (15,118 ft) and the Cotacachi volcano (16,200 ft). The most famous indigenous market in Ecuador is held here. Although the market is bigger on Saturdays, you can visit it any day and find an impressive variety of all kinds of Ecuadorian handcrafts. At dawn you may see indigenous people arriving the market place from many mountain trails surrounding the city. They come from nearby villages and towns such as Peguche, Agato and Iluman, to sell their products. One may visit the workshops of these local weavers working on back strap and Spanish treadle looms, as well as other artisans at work making felt hats, knitting sweaters or weaving straw mats.

Coordinates: 0°21′N 78°08′W / 0.350°N 78.133°W / 0.350; -78.133