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The Imeretinsky Valley (Georgian: იმერეთის დაბლობი, Russian: Имеретинская низменность) is located on the coast of the Black Sea between the Mzymta and Psou rivers in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. It meets the sea in the Adler district of Sochi city.

The name derives from the Georgian region of Imereti.

Imeretin Valley has received recent attention in the international media for being the center of a massive construction project for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The project aims to build hotel complexes that will have a combined total of 5,600 rooms. The largest of these hotels, which is already under construction, will be built on 36 hectares in the Imeretin Valley. The Valley will also have a four-star, 700-room hotel for dignitaries and guests attending the Games.

Imeretinsky Valley, October 2011 during the construction of the coastal cluster for the 2014 Winter Olympics


  • — Жителям имеретинской низменности пообещали, что переселения не будет
  • — Строительство Олимпийских объектов окончательно погубит Имеретинскую низменность
  • — Реквием по Имеретинской низменности

Coordinates: 43°24′28″N 39°57′37″E / 43.40778°N 39.96028°E / 43.40778; 39.96028