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Immad Akhund
Born (1984-04-16) 16 April 1984 (age 30)
Karachi, Pakistan
Residence San Francisco, California,
United States
Nationality British
Ethnicity Pakistani
Education Computer science
Alma mater Clare College University of Cambridge
Occupation Internet entrepreneur
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Fatema Akhund (2009–present)
Children Aniya Sophia Akhund (born 2011)

Immad Akhund (born 16 April 1984) is a British entrepreneur[1] who is best known as the CEO[2] and co-founder of social gaming company, Heyzap.[3]


Akhund grew up in Harrow, London and attended Nower Hill High School, Middlesex and Dr Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. He then graduated from Clare College University of Cambridge with a Bachelors in Computer Science.[4]


After graduating Akhund worked for Bloomberg L.P as a Software Engineer in 2006.[5] The employment lasted 13 month with Akhund leaving to start his first company, Revmap[6][7][8] at the age of twenty two. At the time Revmap was described as, a Digg for events and places.[8]

Akhund moved to San Francisco to take part in the summer 2007 Y Combinator round as the CTO and co-founder [9][10] of a new company called Clickpass.[11][12][5] Clickpass was a provider of OpenID and partnered with Plaxo,[13] Scribd,[14] Disqus[15] and a host of other websites.[16][17] In 2008 Clickpass was acquired by Yola for an undisclosed sum.[18][19]

Following the acquisition of Clickpass, Immad Akhund, along with childhood friend Jude Gomila, founded social gaming website Heyzap[20][21][22] Heyzap quickly gained traction[23] and raised money from Y Combinator[24] and Union Square Ventures.[25][26]

Akhund blogs[27] about business, is an advisor for Seedcamp[28] and speaks at events on social and mobile gaming. Akhund Spoke in 2010 at DiscoveryBeat,[29] Digital Hollywood[4] and Social Developers Summit and is often cited for his expert opinion.[30][31]

In 2012 Akhund was named in the Inc. (magazine) 30 under 30 2012 [32] for his contribution as CEO and co-founder in building Heyzap.


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