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Impaction occurs in reptiles when they consume something that they cannot digest. Common causes of impaction are rocks and sand, which might be accidentally consumed when the reptile attacks its prey. Once the substance is ingested it will block the digestive tract and, if untreated, cause death.


Some symptoms include a lack of appetite or lethargy. On many animals a large blue seemingly bruised spot will be visible in the abdomen; however, this only shows through if the skin on the animal is clear enough to see the lower internal organs.[1]


Common treatments involve placing the animal in a lukewarm bath and gently rubbing the area under the impaction to help the passing of the consumed substance, place both thumbs on the back at the middle, put the first two fingers under the belly and rub gently in a circular way until the beaded dragon puffs up, when the lizard puffs up it will go the loo. If this fails, the animal must have an enema.[1]

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