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Manufacturer Cerveceria Costa Rica
Introduced 1924
Alcohol by volume 4.6%
Style Pale lager
Imperial with the "aguilita"

Imperial is a Costa Rican brand of beer, manufactured by the Florida Ice & Farm Company. Imperial was first produced by the Ortega brewery in 1924, and is now produced in the Cerveceria Costa Rica. The lager is one of the most popular beers consumed in Costa Rica along with Pilsen and Rock Ice.

In addition to being a brand of beer, the term "Imperial" when referring to craft beer is commonly used to describe a brewery's unique take on one of their regular styles. These beers often accentuate the style's characteristics and are labeled as Imperial IPA, Imperial Porter, or Imperial Pilsner, for example. [1]


Its logo, which is a well known icon in Costa Rica, was designed by Enrique Hangen, who, at the time, was the owner of the advertising agency "Casa Gráfica". Imperial is also known by Costa Ricans as "Aguila" or "Aguilita", which translates into English as "eagle" or "Little Eagle" in reference to its logo, which is the Imperial Eagle used in European heraldry.

Product Information (12oz serving)[edit]

Carbohydrates-13.845 grams
Protein-3.59 grams
Style-Dortmunder Lager
Alcohol Content-4.6% by volume
IBU-16.5 [2]


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