Impossible to Miss You

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Impossible To Miss You(不可能錯過你)
Studio album by Wang Leehom
Released June 9, 1999
Genre C-pop, R&B, hip hop
Label Sony Music
Wang Leehom chronology
Impossible To Miss You
Forever's First Day

Impossible To Miss You (simplified Chinese: 不可能错过你; traditional Chinese: 不可能錯過你; pinyin: bù kě néng cuò guò nǐ) is the 6th album of the Taiwanese R&B artist and composer, Wang Leehom, and was released on June 9, 1999.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 釣靈感
  2. 不可能錯過你
  3. 流淚手心
  4. Julia
  5. 感情副作用
  6. 打開愛
  7. 不降落的滑翔翼
  8. 你愛過沒有
  9. 失去了你
  10. Happy Ending
  11. Mary Says