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Impropriety are a Liverpool-based improvised performance company who started life in 2008. The company was founded by participants of the 2008 Improvathon Oh Wait!,[1] part of the Ken Campbell Metafex Festival, who wished to continue working together. The event took place 14 November, with direction from Dana Andersen, director of Canadian company Die-Nasty and involved 2008 minutes of continual performance.

Initially, the company continued by started running weekly workshops and began a residency at Mello Mello, Parr Street of fortnightly, short-form, improvised, comedy shows[2] .


Impropriety were subsequently invited to perform at a variety of events including an Organic Cherry showcase,[3] Culturepool’s 2nd birthday celebrations, Torrid Star Production's Can’t Stop The Beat,[4] whilst maintaining their Mello residency


The company relaunched in January 2010 with a sell out show at the Kazimier, Wolstenholme Square.[5] In April 2010, Impropriety produced The Last Resort, a 33 and ½ hour improvathon, also at the Kazimier, largely directed by guest improviser Paul Foxcroft with most of its ensemble cast of 25 performing for the entire 2010 minutes[6] .[7]

During the summer, Impropriety performed its first gig outside its home town when it produced Impro-Pie-ty in Wigan

In September in association with the S.Q.U.A.T. Liverpool and the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, Improriety embarked on a 10-week improvised soap opera called The Regenerates with weekly, two-hour episodes that told the story of a group of artists squatting in the city during the Biennial festival.[8][9]


In 2011 the Company regrouped at the start of the year and weekly workshops ceased while a new direction and structure was formed to take the company for. The new cast and company included members who had not been involved in the original Metafex event but, instead, had been recruited through the workshops.[10] Through this time Impropriety continued to perform publicly, taking guest spots at Liverpool-based cabaret event, as well as producing their own short-form shows in Liverpool and Wigan.

In May a further Improvathon, Dearly Beloved, was produced at the Kazimier, with guest director Paul Foxcroft.[11] The show was set at a wedding, which brought together and posh family and a rather less high-class family. It took place two weeks after the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

In the summer, Impropriety increased their geographical reach and began performing regularly in Chester at Alexander's at their comedy club (the longest running comedy club in the UK outside London) and at their own residency nights. They also even supported Stackridge at their performance in Kendall.