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Improvising Artists is a jazz record label created by Paul Bley.


Catalog number Artist Title
37.38.39 Bley, Paul Quiet Song
37.38.40 Bley, Paul Alone, Again
37.38.41 Bley, Paul Turning Point
37.38.42 Blake, Ran Breakthru
37.38.43 Rivers, Sam and Dave Holland Dave Holland / Sam Rivers
37.38.44 Bley, Paul Virtuosi
37.38.45 Konitz, Lee Pyramid
37.38.46 Bley, Paul Jaco
37.38.47 Lacy, Steve Sidelines
37.38.48 Rivers, Sam and Dave Holland Sam Rivers / Dave Holland Vol. 2
37.38.49 Bley, Paul Japan Suite
37.38.50 Sun Ra Solo Piano
37.38.51 Almanac Almanac
37.38.52 Bley, Paul Coleman Classics Volume 1
37.38.53 Bley, Paul Axis
37.38.54 Bowie, Lester and Philip Wilson Duet
37.38.55 Brown, Marion and Gunter Hampel Reeds 'n Vibes
37.38.56 Robinson, Perry Kundalini
37.38.57 Jackson, Michael Gregory and Oliver Lake Karmonic Suite
37.38.58 Sun Ra St. Louis Blues
37.38.59 Bley, Paul IAI Festival

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