InTech Collegiate High School

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InTech Collegiate High School
North Logan, Utah
United States
Coordinates 41°45′52″N 111°49′17″W / 41.76444°N 111.82139°W / 41.76444; -111.82139Coordinates: 41°45′52″N 111°49′17″W / 41.76444°N 111.82139°W / 41.76444; -111.82139
Established 2006
School district ICHS is a public charter school
Principal Jason Stanger
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 160
Number of students 177[1]
Color(s) Navy, White, Maroon
Athletics FIRST Robotics
Affiliation Utah State University

InTech Collegiate High School, is located in North Logan, Utah, and is a STEM focused, early-college high school. ICHS serves students that are in the 9th through 12th grades.


  • Enrollment: 177 students
  • Grade Levels (2006-2007): 9–10
  • Grade Levels (2007-2008): 9–11
  • Grade Levels (From 2008): 9–12

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