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inXitu, Inc.
Type Private
Industry technology
Founded Incorporated in 2007
Headquarters Mountain View, CA
Key people Bradley Boyer, President
Philippe Sarrazin, Chief Technology Officer
Robert Espinosa, Chairman of the Board
Carmen Cerrelli, CFO
Products XRD/XRF Portable Instruments
Website [1]

inXitu, Inc. is a Mountain View, CA based company which develops portable X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis instruments. The company name is a combination of the terms 'in situ' and 'X-ray', portraying the company's dedication to developing X-ray instruments that can be easily transported to the original site of the material being analyzed. InXitu's portable rock and mineral analyzer "Terra" received a prestigious R&D 100 Award and was chosen to fly on the Mars Science Laboratory rover scheduled for launch in 2009. [2]

Company history[edit]

This company was incorporated in 2007 following the merger of inXitu and Microwave Power Technology Inc (MPT). MPT brought research and development experience in the area of high vacuum technology associated with the key components in the inXitu field portable XRD instrument. In early 2008, inXitu Inc., launched "Terra", its first commercial field portable X-Ray Diffractometer and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer. In later 2008, Bradley Boyer joined inXitu as its President/CEO. Shortly after this, inXitu formed a strategic alliance with Innov-X Systems Inc., a market leader in field portable instrumentation for mining and mineral based applications. Under this agreement, inXitu makes an XRF/XRD instrument exclusively for Innov-X to distribute along with its present portfolio of analytical instruments.

In December 2008, inXitu completed the development of "Duetto" a combined XRF/XRD instrument for the non-destructive analysis of archeological artifacts and museum quality art. Duetto is the first instrument which allows for mineral identification as well as elemental analysis in place.

Company Founders:

Bradley Boyer, President and Chief Executive Officer Bradley Boyer, a 23 year veteran of the analytical instrument industry, joined Inxitu as its President/CEO in late 2008. Prior to joining Inxitu, Mr. Boyer held several positions during a 17 year career with Oxford Instruments, most recently as President of their Industrial Analysis division. Beginning as a XRF applications scientist with Applied Research Laboratories in 1985, Mr. Boyer has spent his career working with analytical instrument products, spanning both research and quality control applications. On joining Inxitu, Mr. Boyer remarked "I am very excited to join the Inxitu team. The advanced technology behind the Inxitu products provides a new level of benefit for the X-ray Diffraction customer, and I look forward to being a part of this step change in our industry."

Mr. Boyer has a Bsc in Chemistry/Physiology and attended the University of Michigan School of Business, MBA. Mr. Boyer also has published a number of articles in the field of wavelength dispersive XRF and holds a patent on a portable XRF spectrometer (6,459,767).

Philippe Sarrazin PhD, Chief Technology Officer Philippe Sarrazin is in charge of new technology development at inXitu Inc. He studied Materials Sciences and Mechanical Engineering in France. During the decade following his doctorate, he worked as research scientist in several academic and government laboratories, developing new technologies with a particular interest in X-ray instrumentation. He played a key role in the development of the NASA XRD/XRF planetary instrument and remains involved in the program today as a member of the MSL (Mars 2009) XRD instrument Science team.

In 2004, Dr. Sarrazin founded one of the companies which now make up inXitu, Inc. He managed the company, pursued his research on XRD equipment for space exploration under a number of government research grants, and prepared the introduction of these technologies to the market. Dr. Sarrazin now supervises the Research and Development at inXitu, Inc. and plays a lead role in a number of research programs for innovative instrumentation in X-ray analysis.

Robert J. Espinosa, Chairman of the Board Robert Espinosa has been developing vacuum electron devices for over 40 years. He has led product development groups at Varian Associates, Watkins- Johnson, Raytheon and Northrop. In 1984 he founded Star Microwave for the purpose of developing and manufacturing microwave tubes for military and commercial systems. Subsequent to the sale of Star he held positions as Vice President and Operations Manager at M Square Microtek and Microwave Laboratories.

In 1994 he founded Microwave Power Technology to develop novel vacuum electron devices by forming alliances with companies that would manufacture and market the products. MPT has been successful in bring carbon nanotube cathode technology from the laboratory to production of products for the commercial market in cooperation with Oxford Instruments. In alliance with Teledyne MEC and Valence Corporation, MPT has developed an electron beam source that is currently being used for environmental remediation of contaminated ground. Other MPT successful products include a vacuum gauge, microwave amplifier modulators and test equipment. Both commercial funding and government grants, which were secured by Mr. Espinosa, enabled development of these products.

Mr. Espinosa will continue as the Principal Investigator on currently funded development contracts and as an advisor to inXitu. His activities will include developing concepts and securing development fund

Carmen Cerrelli, Chief Financial Officer

Carmen Cerrelli joined inXitu in 2005 to provide Finance and Business Development support. Ms. Cerrelli has over twelve years of finance and business experience. Most recently she was the Chief Financial Officer for Quantum3D Inc. Prior to Quantum3D Inc. she was the V.P. of Finance at Jasmine Networks. During her eight-year tenure at Nortel, she worked in North America, Europe, United Kingdom, and Middle East in various finance and business roles. Ms. Cerrelli has a dual MBA degree from the University of California, Berkeley & Columbia University and is a Certified Management Accountant.


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