In Concert (1985 America album)

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In Concert
Live album by America
Released July 1985
Recorded Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara, California, June 1, 1985
Genre Pop-rock
Label Capitol
Producer Matthew McCauley
America chronology
In Concert
Encore: More Greatest Hits

In Concert is the second official live album by American folk rock duo America, released by Capitol Records in July 1985. This was the sixth and last release by America on the Capitol Records label and was the first America album ever issued on the budding compact disc format. This was America's first album that failed to chart. No singles were released from the album.

Fans present at the actual performance at the Arlington Theater have claimed that additional songs performed by the group, but not included on the final release, included "Sandman," "Never Be Lonely," "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby", and "Old Man Took."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tin Man"
  2. "I Need You"
  3. "The Border"
  4. "Sister Golden Hair"
  5. "Company"
  6. "You Can Do Magic"
  7. "Ventura Highway"
  8. "Daisy Jane"
  9. "Horse With No Name"
  10. "Survival"


A number of America CDs have been issued which recycle material from this particular concert recording, including the following:

  • Ventura Highway & Other Favorites (1992)
  • You Can Do Magic (1996)
  • Premium Gold Collection (1996)
  • Centenary Collection (1996)
  • The Legendary America (1998)
  • The Best of America (1999)
  • Live (2000)
  • Hits You Remember Live (2001)
  • Live at Santa Barbara (2001)