In Glint

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In Glint
Remix album by The Chemical Brothers
Released 2002

Acid house, breakbeat, trip hop

Length = 60:04
Label Virgin Records » Freestyle Dust
Producer Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons
The Chemical Brothers chronology
Come with Us
In Glint
Singles 93-03

In Glint is a promotional mix album by British electronica duo The Chemical Brothers, released in the UK in 2002 (see 2002 in music). It has also been bootlegged under the album name "Dusted Decks", which has the same music, but with different song titles. However this bootleg was recorded from Pete Tong's Essential Selection; the promo release was recorded in a studio and thus has better sound quality.

Being a numbered[1] promotional release, it is quite rare nowadays.

Its promotional status, artwork, and the album being one continuous track, make it similar to their Radio 1 Anti-Nazi Mix of 1997.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "In Glint" - 60:04

It is made up of 17 tracks, these are:

  1. "Base 6" - The Chemical Brothers
  2. "Return Of The Original Artform" - Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO
  3. "Higher" - Impulsion
  4. "Hey Riff" - The Chemical Brothers
  5. "Here For The Love (Metropolitan Acid Mix)" - Metro L.A.
  6. "In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix)" - Aphrohead
  7. "D.B.D. (Chanting In The Dark)" - Dan Robbins
  8. "The Break" - Kat Mandu
  9. "It Began in Afrika" - The Chemical Brothers
  10. "Percussion's Rhythm" - Roland Louis
  11. "Work" - Masters At Work
  12. "Breath and Stop" (Jess Jackson and Franky Deep Remix)- Q-Tip
  13. "Funk Unit" - DJ Sneak
  14. "Get Hyped (Dope Dub)" - Deskee Kid
  15. "Lamborghini" - Shut Up and Dance
  16. "Diabla" - Funk D'Void
  17. "Rock To The Beat" - 101


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