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In Slaughter Natives is a Swedish industrial, dark ambient act formed by Jouni Havukainen in 1985. They have releases on the Cold Meat Industry label. After a nearly decade-long hiatus, In Slaughter Natives moved to the Cyclic Law label with Cannula Coma Legio, which was released on June 21, 2014.


  1. In Slaughter Natives (1989, LP)
  2. Enter Now the World (1992, LP)
  3. Sacrosancts Bleed (1992, LP)
  4. Mort aux Vaches (1994, split LP with Deutsch Nepal)
  5. Purgate My Stain (1996, LP)
  6. Recollection (2001, compilation)
  7. Re-Enter Salvation (2001, anthology box set)
  8. Resurrection - The Return of a King (2004, LP)
  9. Split with Voice of Hate (2005, EP)
  10. Cannula Coma Legio (2014, LP)

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