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Editor Ariel Foxman
Categories Celebrity, human interest, news
Total circulation
1,810,539 (US)[1]
146,507 (UK)[2]
First issue June 1994
Company Time Inc.
Country United States
Language English
ISSN 1076-0830

InStyle is a monthly women’s fashion magazine published in the United States by Time Inc. Along with advertising, the magazine offers articles about beauty, fashion, home, entertaining, charitable endeavors and celebrity lifestyles. Its editor is Ariel Foxman, and its publisher is Connie Anne Phillips.[3] After originating in the United States, Instyle has expanded its brand and is currently being distributed as international editions in 17 other countries including: Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Romania[4] and South America.[5] InStyle aims to appeal to any woman no matter what her fashion price point may be, as they showcase trends at all price ranges. Since its first issue in 1994, in which Barbra Streisand was pictured on the cover, it has quickly come to be one of the most highly supported[clarification needed] magazines under its category.[6]


Old logo

Setting itself apart from other similar women's magazines, InStyle was one of the first to have a famous musical artist or actor as the cover model, as opposed to the majority of other magazines who were only putting models on their covers.[7] The magazine also differentiates from others in that it has always had celebrities open their homes to be featured on the pages so the readers could get insight and inspiration.[8] Other firsts for InStyle include Sarah Jessica Parker, pre Sex and the City fame, who was featured on the cover of their first Hollywood Fitness issue in June 1995. Their first ever man to be pictured on the cover was famous basketball star, Michael Jordan in December 1996. Even a nonhuman was put on the front of the magazine in March 1995 when popular actress Heather Locklear posed with her Maltese dog named Harley. Goldie Hawn and her then 17-year old daughter, Kate Hudson, were the first InStyle cover girls to be donning denim jeans in August 1996 and Gwyneth Paltrow had the honor of appearing on the first ever international edition cover in 1999 when Germany launched their version of InStyle.[9]

Ariel Foxman[edit]

Today’s managing editor at InStyle magazine, Ariel Foxman, has been in the role since September 2008 when he became the magazine’s first ever male editor. He was born in Bergenfield, New Jersey, US and first joined InStyle in 1999 at the age of 25.[10] Foxman oversees many aspects of the InStyle brand including the main magazine in the United States as well as all 17 of the international versions and expansions of the empire such as the InStyle website, InStyle Weddings, InStyle Hair and InStyle Makeovers. Other achievements for Foxman include graduating from Harvard College magna cum laude, being a judge on the television show “Project Accessory” and being called one of the most powerful fashion magazine editors by Forbes in 2009. Since Foxman has become the man behind the brand, InStyle has become the most frequently purchased fashion magazine of its kind and has attained a following of 10.9 million people, 92% being female and 8% being male,[11] which is the largest audience the magazine has had since InStyle was born. “Magazine of the Year” was the title given to InStyle in 2010 when Time Inc’s Luce Award was presented to the magazine.[12]


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