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This article is about the gossip magazine. For other uses, see In Touch (disambiguation).
In Touch Weekly
In Touch Weekly magazine cover.png
Editorial Director David Perel
Categories Tabloid / Gossip
Frequency Weekly
Total circulation
(June 2012)
First issue 2002
Company Bauer
Country  United States
Language English
ISSN 1580-8280

In Touch Weekly is an American celebrity gossip magazine. The magazine is focused on celebrity news, fashion, beauty, relationships and lifestyle, and is geared towards a younger readership, billing itself as "fast and fun", along with making claims about their lower cover price on their front cover to encourage buyers to purchase their magazine rather than the other titles on a supermarket checkout rack.

The magazine was launched in 2002 by Bauer Publishing; Richard Spencer was editor from its launch until 2010.

The magazine shares a publisher with its sister magazine Life & Style Weekly, a similar weekly gossip magazine. Whereas In Touch is focused more on celebrity gossip, Life & Style bills itself on giving readers lifestyle tips on how to incorporate celebrity beauty and fashion into their lives.

On September 18, 2006, after the death of Daniel Wayne Smith, son of Anna Nicole Smith, Getty Images sold the last photos taken of Daniel alive at his mother's bedside to In Touch Weekly and Entertainment Tonight for a reported $650,000.

According the website, as of 2010, In Touch Weekly sells for $2.99 on newsstands, $.50 cents less than competitors US Weekly and Star Magazine. Subscribers pay $1.49 per issue.


In 2010, In Touch Weekly broke headlines with an exclusive cover story reporting that David Beckham paid a "high class call girl" by the name of Irma Nici to engage in sexual relations with him 5 times in 2007. She explained that on one occasion, he paid $10, 000 for the affair and also opened up to her about intimate details -that Beckham preferred the curves Victoria Beckham once had to the now thinner frame. The story sparked much controversy and led to David Beckham filing libel and slander charges against In Touch Weekly, Bauer Media Group (German parent company of In Touch Weekly) and Irma Nice, who subsequently went into hiding at the height of the backlash. Beckham furiously denied the claims. Him and his lawyers won court rulings in Germany but lost the case in the U.S, as it could not be proven that In Touch acted maliciously. As well, Judge Manuel L. Real ruled that the story fell under "public interest" due to Beckham's celebrity status and also found that Nici's accusations fell under free speech. [2] As statement given by one of Beckham's reps at the time said "Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it..." [3]

In January of 2015, In Touch magazine launched an issue of the magazine with the cover reading "Bruce's Story: My Life as a Woman". The photo that accompanied the headline was a photoshopped photo of Olympian Bruce Jenner, Bruce was photoshopped to look like a woman. Jenner's photo was photoshopped to look like the actress Stephanie Beacham.[4] Jenner's photo was photoshopped without the permission of Jenner or confirmation of statements made by the magazine about his transition to womanhood. Jenner has been the target for rumours about a gender transition, and In Touch exploited those rumour by creating a photo to defame Jenner. The magazine made claims of an insider source that verified Jenner's transition based on the notion that Advocate Magazine was planning to showcase the transitioned Jenner on their upcoming cover. Advocate editor-in-chief Matthew Breen had no knowledge of this upcoming issue. Without this validation, InTouch had then lied about having this credible source to verify the athlete's gender transitioning. This pictorial controversy has left fans outraged and made fans view the magazine as transphobic, [5] In Touch acted inappropriately about a vulnerable subject making Jenner and his family a victim of defamation. Fans were so disgusted at the way the magazine had acted that they have begun a petition for In Touch to make a formal apology to Jenner. [6]


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