In Trance We Trust

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In Trance We Trust
Parent company Black Hole Recordings
Founded 1997
Founder Tijs Verwest and Arny Bink
Genre Trance
Vocal trance
Progressive Trance
Country of origin Netherlands
Official website

In Trance We Trust (ITWT) is a Dutch record label owned by Tijs Verwest and Arny Bink.[1] It is a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings, established in 1997 and best known for its club side of trance music.



Artist Albums
  • ITWT 001 ALBUM Eyal Barkan - V.I.P.
  • ITWT 002 ALBUM First State - Time Frame
  • ITWT 003 ALBUM Tom Cloud - A New Day
  • ITWT 004 ALBUM T4L - Biogenesis
  • ITWT 005 ALBUM Tom Cloud - The Sky Is The Limit
Digital Albums
  • ITWT 001 DIGITAL ALBUM Impact - Immortal Vision
  • ITWT 002 DIGITAL ALBUM Midway - Equator


DJ Mixes
  • ITWT DC 01 Various Artists - In Trance We Trust: Collected Works
Xtra Nordic Edition
  • ITWT 001 CDX John Storm - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition
  • ITWT 002 CDX SL - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition 2
  • ITWT 003 CDX SL - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition 3
Australia Series
  • ITWTAU001 First State & James Brooke - In Trance We Trust Australia 001
  • ITWTAU002 Lange & Steve Strangis - In Trance We Trust Australia 002


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