In the Name of the Pope King

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In the Name of the Pope King
In the Name of the Pope King.jpg
Directed by Luigi Magni
Produced by Franco Committeri
Written by Luigi Magni
Starring Nino Manfredi
Danilo Mattei
Carlo Bagno
Music by Armando Trovajoli
Cinematography Danilo Desideri
Edited by Ruggero Mastroianni
Release date(s) December 3, 1977 (1977-12-03)
Running time 103 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

In the Name of the Pope King or In nome del papa re is a 1977 Italian drama film written, and directed by Luigi Magni. Starring Nino Manfredi, it was not released in USA until 1986. The score was composed by Armando Trovajoli.


In October 1867 the papal Rome is led by Pius IX is shaken by a bomb attack carried out in the sewers of the barracks where Serristori killed twenty-three French pro-papal Zouaves : a countess, a mother's secret revolutionary Cesare Costa, accused with friends Giuseppe Monti and Gaetano Tognetti have made this massacre, will appeal to a judge of the Holy See, Bishop of Colombo Priverno to help her. To overcome the resistance of Monsignor tells him that he is the father of the accused, born of a brief report in 1849. The prelate able to release him, hiding in his house along with his girlfriend, but will not be able to intervene in favor of the other two arrested to be sentenced to death by the ecclesiastical court, despite its famous harangue made by Monsignor Colombo, that this will be severely reprimanded by the Pope and the father General of the Jesuits, at that time called "the black pope", due to the strong power exercised Jesuit order on the papacy. The young man, however, will be killed in an ambush by the husband of the countess who believed his wife's lover. Finally, Colombo cites a letter full of bitterness and resentment that would like to write to the Pope, but to no avail, because his perpetual cry for sorrow, while Colombo breaks with the general of the Society of Jesus, which during the Holy Mass does not grant communion. The film describes how bright the decrepitude of the temporal power and its laws in papal Rome, where, after the above-mentioned speech of Monsignor Colombo, one of the old cardinal is awakened from sleep long enough to vote for the death penalty. This power will fall three years later with the breach of Porta Pia.



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