Zai Na Yaoyuan De Difang

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"Zai na yaoyuan de difang" (Chinese: 在那遥远的地方) is the title and first line of a popular Chinese song by Wang Luobin, the renowned Chinese song writer and ethnic music researcher. English translations of the song's title include "In That Place Wholly Faraway",[1][2][3][4] "In a Faraway Fairyland",[5] "In That Distant Place",[6][7][8][9] "In a Land Far Far Away",[10] and "In That Far-Off Land".[11]

Wang Luobin wrote the song in 1939 in Qinghai while shooting a film near Qinghai Lake. He met a young Tibetan girl, and wrote a song about the beautiful impression that she left upon him and all those around her. The song is set to the tune of a Kazakh folk song that Wang had collected in the area.[12][13]

It became one of the most popular songs in China and one of the best known Chinese songs in many countries.


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