In the Bosom of the Enemy

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In the Bosom of the Enemy
(Tagalog: Gatas... Sa dibdib ng kaaway)
Directed by Gil Portes

Mylene Dizon

Jomari Illana
Release dates 2001
Running time 101 minutes
Country Philippines
Language  • Filipino language
 • Japanese language
 • Tagalog language

In the Bosom of the Enemy (Tagalog: Gatas... Sa dibdib ng kaaway) is a 2001 Filipino war drama film directed by Gil Portes.


After her husband was arrested from being a Guerilla warrior, Pilar agreed to be a wet nurse to the Japanese General's infant son whose Filipina wife died from giving birth. While attending and taking care of the baby, an unintentional love affair developed between Pilar and the General Hiroshi. She begins to be isolated from her husband and her townspeople as she refused to help the Guerillas to conspire the General's administration following the battle between the Guerillas and the Japanese Soldiers.


Mylene Dizon as Pilar

Jomari Yllana as Diego

Kenji Motoki as General Hiroshi

Ynez Veneracion as Soledad

Academy Award submission for nominee consideration[edit]

It was the Philippines' submission to the 74th Academy Awards for the 2001 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.[1][2]

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